Watch this time lapse video that was made using a GoPro HERO4 Camera

Prints of this painting can be purchased here now:

An Original Oil Painting executed en plein air by Fine Artist Jeremiah Jolliff

Beech Trees are strong and robust and they are the last to lose their leaves. In fact, they tend to keep their leaves the whole winter until the new leaves begin to bud in the spring. As a result, they add a delightful golden color to the woods not only for the entire winter but also into the springtime and contrast perfectly against the bright new greens that characterize the spring season.

I used a lot of oil paint from Gamblin; especially a color called Transparent Earth Yellow – 37 ml Tube Gamblin oil paints contain more linseed oil than other brands. It is a good idea to try out different brands of paint from time to time. In the end they are all pretty much the same but there can be minor differences like color fastness and different drying times.

After the painting was completed en plein air, i went back in later on after the paint had dried and used a scumble or glaze technique over the areas where the sky had shown through. The sky was to bright white and was competing against the vibrant foliage on the ground and the leaves that were still appended on the Beech Trees. Allowing a painting to sit for awhile really helps to create an objectivity in the artist. Usually, there is one or two little tweaks in a composition or the overall big picture such as tinting the sky here or there that creates a more powerful effect. it is important to apply a coat of Linseed Oil. In fact, Gamblin makes a set of Gamblin Mediums that incorporates pretty much everything the aspiring oil painter would need.

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