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Watch this time lapse video that was made using a GoPro HERO4 Camera

An Original Oil Painting executed en plein air by Fine Artist Jeremiah Jolliff

Spring is an excellent time to get out there and do en plein air painting.  It is one of the best seasons because the weather is warming up and there is a riot of color available for the plein air artist to make a fine piece of original art.  The trees are not yet loaded with leaves so one can practice painting trees and their manifold branches.  The fields are vibrating with an extremely vivid green and the early blooms of wild flowers are in nature’s terrific bouquets and the farmers have begun to overturn the rich clods of earth into rhythmic rows.

This was one of the first paintings made during the spring season of 2015.  A new AmazonBasics 70-Inch Pistol Grip Tripod was purchased for the season and it has worked out perfectly in supporting the alla prima pochade box made by Ben Hagett over at Alla Prima Pochade located in Missoula Montana.

The day’s weather was characterized by low strato-cumulus and higher alto-cumulus.  It was an enjoyable day to be painting outside with a breeze and fair temperatures.  It was very pleasant to be painting the budding Locust trees.  During the spring the Black Locust trees have the most marvelous raceme tufts of flowers that have the most exquisite fragrance of honey and oranges.  Every so often the wafting pleasure was brought to me on the spring zephyr.

Over the years it has become apparent that there is actually a lot of red when painting outdoors.  Almost every color has at least a modicum of Winsor & Newton Alizarin Crimson.  The earth tilled up in the background was almost the exact color of Winsor & Newton Raw Sienna with a modicum of Winsor & Newton Titanium White.  Fair spring days and scenes like this make outdoor painting a shear pleasure.  So get out of the studio and enjoy nature because “nature is the Art of God” –Dante Alighieri

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