An Original Oil Painting executed en plein air by Fine Artist Jeremiah Jolliff

Prints of this painting can be purchased here now:

If you are an aspiring fine artist and are looking for great art supplies to paint on inside or outside of the studio, look no further because Fredrix Canvas Boards are an outstanding product for the contemporary artist.  There are a myriad of factors to contend with when painting out of doors.  Art supplies used outside need to be durable and a good quality so that they can be displayed in the gallery.

Fredrix Canvas Boards have the perfect amount of tooth and are absorbent enough for the first tonal layer that is usually applied to en plein air oil paintings since the impressionist era.  For example, the canvas board used here was coated with Winsor & Newton Raw Sienna.  The raw sienna was thinned by mixing the paint with a hefty quantity of Winsor & Newton Distilled Turpentine.  After applying the paint onto the canvas board use a high quality, lint free paper towel like Kimberly-Clark Scott Rags in a Box to wipe off the excess.

After the raw sienna and turpentine dry, Grumbacher Vine Charcoal can be used to lay in the composition.  Vine Charcoal is great to use in this preliminary step because it is easily erased using a PRISMACOLOR Kneaded Rubber Eraser.  After getting used to working en plein air, many artist forego this preliminary lay in using charcoal and prefer to work using the direct method.

when painting outside of the studio, time is the number one factor the fine artist has to compete against because the light and weather conditions are often so changeable.  With enough practice and a good familiarity with painting supplies, headway can be made and the satisfaction of fine art making will be realized.  Good luck out there and keep trying.  After all, it is called artWORK for a good reason.

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