Unfortunately, a timelapse video was not created for this artwork.

This is an Original Oil Painting executed en plein air by Fine Artist Jeremiah Jolliff

A good support to use when painting alla prima out of doors is Strathmore 200 Canvas Paper. It is very cheap and easy to mount onto Grafix Medium Weight Chipboard Sheets using Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive.  However, as one can see in this painting, there can be registration issues when placing the mounted paper into a Blick Simplon Econo Wood Frames.  I like to keep things simple and when I was first starting out I was trying to save money by buying canvas paper instead of buying Canvas Panels.  I would therefore recommend that one just buy the canvas panels and simplon frames.  The frames come in multiple sizes that are easily matched with the canvas panels.

I usually pre-mix this paint and place it into Empty Aluminum Paint Tubes.  Time is the most important thing besides solid draftsmanship.  Pre-mixing paint really saves time and allows the fine artist time to draw more accurately.  Aslo, pre-mixing paint and working from the same starting point in color creations, the outdoor painter can modify these pre-mixed colors much quicker than mixing from standard colors.

This was one of my earliest examples of utilizing the pre-mixed colors.  I created these color combinations for the American midwest.  However, if someone is painting near the sea or somewhere peculiar like the desert southwest, i would recommend developing the prevalent tones of the landscape in which the fine artist most often operates.  Sensitivities to change in vegetation, the sky and overall landscape are obtained only after sessions painting outdoors.

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