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This is an Original Oil Painting executed en plein air by Fine Artist Jeremiah Jolliff

Here is a great example of color vibration in action.  Color vibration according to L. Birge Harrison: “is obtained by means of a cool overtone painted freshly into a warm undertone, care being taken not to mix or blend the two coats and not to cover up completely the undertone, rather letting it show through brokenly all over the canvas; the vibration being secured, naturally, by the separate play of the warm and cold notes.”  This method is described in chapter 3 of his book Landscape Painting.

I cannot explain the joy that occurs when using this method whilst painting outdoors.  The undertone i used here is a simple wash of Winsor & Newton Raw Sienna thinned by Winsor & Newton Distilled Turpentine.  It is convenient to prepare a few Sax Genuine Canvas Panels.  For me it is much more convenient to paint on 8″x10″ canvas panels outdoors because it is quicker to cover the entire composition.  Three hour sessions is outside is about my limit because the light changes so much.  By all means, drawings and paintings can be continued indefinitely en plein air but i prefer to complete them in one session alla prima.

Also, i have found that it is fine to purchase cheap panels 8″x10″ but anything much larger and it becomes necessary to purchase a higher value panel and it is my belief that Utrecht Master’s Panel are the best on the market because they do not warp one iota.

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