I painted this one night in the studio and it was totally from imagination.  I had a full palette of color and I didnt want to waste it.  Therefore, I sat out to use it up and I had this canvas stretched and sized with Golden Acrylic Gesso already.

It was a very liberating experience to just paint without regard to the external environment but rather to dive into my own mind’s eye for a rather mystical scene.  There is a whole other inner life that most people are totally unconscious of its existence.  It is a dreamworld and can be explored by Dream Yoga or The Art of Lucid Dreaming.

It is a necessity to first practice art by attempting to capture the world without before trying to make manifest the world within.  At times I have made these statement to others and they have had severe and even militant reactions against my statements.  I reckon there is something very concerning about that.  It is as if there is some kind of characteristic that lusts to stifle others creative process that seems out of bonds from their ultimately self conceived rules of art making.  I don’t know wherefrom this aggravation sprouts but well spring must be very sulfurous and insidious.

Anyway, I like to create beautiful things and it is very rewarding to give them away to special people.  It helps the ego let go and really prepares a fine artist in the activity of letting go and thereby prevents them from becoming too precious with their creations.  Besides, if inner experience gives birth to another’s pleasure in this world, the labors and energies exercised to make the work manifest on this plane are well squandered by lavishing gifts to the loved ones in our lives.

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