Watch this time lapse video that was made using a GoPro HERO4 Camera

Prints of this painting can be purchased here now:

An Original Oil Painting executed en plein air by Fine Artist Jeremiah Jolliff

It cannot be stressed enough about how important drawing is in painting.  Solid draftsmanship will pay dividends above and beyond the most wild imagination.  L. Birge Harrison in his book Landscape Painting states: “Drawing is the grammar of art.  As grammar is the framework on which all good literature is built, so drawing is the foundation of all good painting.  It is no more possible to imagine a great picture with crude and incompetent drawing than it is to think of a great sonnet whose grammar should be uncouth and halting.  Like grammar, also, drawing is not a virtue to be extolled in a picture, but an essential to be demanded.”

Drawing has become such a degraded skill in collegiate art classes that even the professors profess the need to use a projector when drawing.  What a dastard state of affairs, when even individuals with a terminal degree in the Fine Arts have neither the wherewithal nor the gumption to complete a simple drawing.  It goes without saying that depending on a projector for drawing is the highest offense possible in all of the Fine Arts.  If anyone testifies counter to this fact they are profane and wholly uninitiated.

When drawing, it is important to start with the large and keep breaking the elements into smaller details.  In other words, begin with the big elements in a composition like horizon lines the broad verticals of building and then find the relationship against those big masses.  In this timelapse clip, watch how i begin with the train tracks at the bottom of the painting then make marks at intervals up the canvas to establish the top of the railroad crossing gate and then continue to break down elements until the drawing is finished with the final writing of the signage on the building.

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