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Unfortunately, a timelapse video was not created for this artwork.

This is an Original Oil Painting executed en plein air by Fine Artist Jeremiah Jolliff

It was an extraordinarily humid day, when this painting was made outdoors.  The direction is facing almost directly due south at evening.  It was so humid that even the treeline was somewhat obscured on account of the thick veil of moisture which imbued the entire landscape with dripping heat.  This painting changes colors when viewed in doors through the day and capturing its essence on camera is close to impossible.

A constant reference for me is Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting.  “There is a rule governing color gradations, that is: all colors become cooler as they recede from the eye, except white.  A cool color is one that has a preponderance of blue in its makeup; pure blue being, of course, the coldest.  A warm color is one made up of yellows and reds.  There is some discussion as to which is warmest – strong yellow or bright red.  I feel that a strong orange is the warmest.”

I tend to agree with Carlson here as the sky in this painting was imbued with a strange alizarin and orange that seemed to change colors every time i looked up from the palette.  At the top of the sky in the composition it was peculiar grey and transitioning into this strange alizarin orange.  Besides Alizarin Crimson, I have developed a real love of Winsor & Newton Cadmium Orange.  I used to think that the purchase of orange was a bit of an excess because it could be created simply with red and yellow.  I have found that Cadmium orange has a bit extra ‘kick’ to it and is therefore worth the purchase.  I have to make a warning to the painter; this stuff has power and needs to be used with restraint for full effect.  A modicum here or there is all that is necessary unless of course the elements local color is orange and its derivatives.

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